Give Thanks

Beloved Family and Friends, What a joy it is to be back with you! Right now, every one of our MOST team members is home, reunited with family, sharing their experiences serving the people in Comayagua, Honduras. This will be the last blog post to share about the last full day of eyeglass clinic, which was Thursday.  It was a good day, with several rain showers on and off, and every one of our team was aware it was the last day. We arrived before nine in the morning, as usual, and had a wonderful devotion on our identity in Christ before we got started. How amazingly applicable the devotion was by the end of our day! We saw over 100 people, and by four pm as we were cleaning up, a couple of people came in to be seen. Our team did not turn away a single person. After four days of eyeglass clinics, we gave away 769 prescription glasses and 740 sunglasses to a total of 554 men, women, teenagers and children. What an amazing blessing they were to us all! What was humbling for each of us was

Spirit of Humility

A Note from the MOST Team Leader   What is a short-term mission, and what does the team do? First, there needs to be a request for some assistance from a church or missionary "in the field," that is, in a country where Lutheran churches are forming and missionaries are working. The request is not for money, but for projects that will help the church reach out to its neighbors and express their love for Jesus Christ. In our case, as you know, the project is providing refurbished eyeglasses as requested by the little Confessional Lutheran church in the capital city district of Honduras. Prior to traveling, the team learns about the travel risks, cultural factors that guide our behavior, the specifics of the project, and most of all, how to express Christ's love to build up the congregation. Essential team jobs are assigned during pre-travel training: Crisis Management Assistant, coordinators for luggage (we have 11 checked suitcases just for the project), for scheduling tea